Older, maggot branded tools provided free of charge but without warranty or support.
These will not be getting maintenance updates so you should expect them to stop working one day.


Sibliminator is a unique utility which adds functionality to Pro Tools.
It hijacks the 'field recorder' functionality in Pro Tools and makes it apply to any group of broadcast WAV files you choose.

Practically, this means you can right click on any piece of audio and instantly swap it with another take or channel. This can apply to vocal or instrument tracks with multiple takes, ADR recordings, multi-channel and multi recorder field recordings or any group of files you choose.

Minimum requirements: Mac OS10.6.


Remetacator is an elegant broadcast Wave metadata reader and writer.
It allows reading and writing to multiple files, allowing the insertion or manipulation of metadata fields in one movement. This is particularly useful when ingesting BWF files into Avid workstations which require valid BWF metadata in order to create a tape name.

Mac OS10.3 or greater on Intel processor.


Renamerator is a simple, robust file renaming tool.
It allows case sensitive find-and-replace renaming as well as prefixing and suffixing.

Mac OS10.5 or greater on Intel processor.


Assemblerator is a tool for conforming (assembling) audio tracks according to an audio EDL. Lay out all your production audio according to shoot day and watch it build your reel with nice clean original recordings.

Assemblerator supports CMX3600 EDLs and will assemble a running Pro Tools session.

Mac OS10.5 or greater on Intel processor.


This menubar utility will alert you when you've left "automation follows edit" switched off.
If you've ever done this accidentally you'll know exactly why I had to build this - the consequences of getting it wrong are just so horrific it doesn't bear thinking about.

Mac OS10.7 or greater.
Requires "access for assistive devices" switched on (system prefs, universal access).
Drop in your applications folder and set as a login item.

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