The Swiss Army knife for surround audio.

If you spend any time at all working in surround formats you're going to want Spanner.
Designed by real post audio pros to solve real world problems, Spanner has redefined sound design, editing and mixing in surround.

It's a panner, sure, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of what this thing can do.
With complete independent control of every channel, several industry first features and an incredibly simple interface it is possibly the most versatile plugin in your arsenal.


Functions as an upgrade to the standard surround panner, giving complete, independent control over each channel in a more practical single plugin interface.
Each input channel is represented as a coloured dot in the panfield which can be used to control 5 key parameters.
Panning around the 2 dimensional space is taken care of by just 2 parameters, Pan (left-right) and Fad (front-back) so you don't have to wrestle with dozens of unwanted parameters.

Spanner can upsize or downsize, to and from all common track formats, allowing you to actually 'pan' an LCR or quad into the 7.0 mix bus or temporarily send a 7.1 stem to a 5.1 output for monitoring. Spanner has complete, continuous control over input gain and channel position so the downmix is infinitely flexible and even realtime automatable.

Support for 7.1 to 5.1-or-smaller downmixing is supported for both realtime and offline (Audiosuite) processing, meaning faster-than-realtime folddown is also possible.

Supported formats are mono, stereo, LCR, quad, 5.0, 5.1, 7.0, 7.1, 7.0.2, 7.1.2

All flavours of Spanner are available in Audiosuite, Native and DSP versions - so you need never lose a voice simply because you're using HDX cards.

Despite it's smoothed parameters and double-precision internal processing, spanner is efficient enough to run on every channel in your session. Even modest Macs can run hundreds of instances and still have plenty of room for your usual plugin set.

Spanner can display the position of your pan as colour coded vertical lines right on top of the Pro Tools movie window. This revolutionary feature not only enables super accurate pans, it keeps the mixer's eyes locked firmly on the picture. Spanner 3 now offers an integration with Video Slave 3.3 allowing pan-position overlays over 3rd party video hardware.

The purpose built iPad remote control app opens up powerful new workflows for the edit-room, the predub or the 3-man final mix. It instantly follows the currently opened pro tools spanner instance so you never have to think about loading a surround panner... it's just always there when you need it.

Free from the iTunes App Store

When using Eucon controllers spanner will follow the currently selected track, just like the default EQ or dynamics. You have the option of calling up a plugin type from the surface and as you navigate around your tracks, Eucon will open the relevant spanner instance so you can see and work with pans much more quickly than with the default panner.

With a spanner inserted you can quickly and easily see where things have been panned by glancing at the Pro Tools meters. If something has been accidentally panned to the right surround you can see it clearly even with very small track sizes.

The LFE channel is treated just like any other input channel and can be piped into the main panfield independent of it's feed to the Lfe output. Likewise, any input channel can be sent pre-fade to the Lfe output and removed from the main surround mix if needed.
The upshot of this is that we no longer need dedicated 'sub' tracks to create a signal destined for the Lfe channel: just automate a Spanner to send the signal to Lfe only.


The Spancontrol iPad app is an industry first, providing a purpose built, customised and ergonomically tuned touch interface to the Spanner plugin.

Harnessing the networking and multi-touch capabilities of the iOS platform, Spancontrol has made possible an entirely new way of controlling surround panning, and plugins in general.

The app scans your local network for Spanner plugin instances and can automatically mount any instance you open in Pro Tools. When combined with the Eucon plugin-following mode you have a surround panner at your fingertips simply by selecting a clip in Pro Tools.

The interface is multi-touch with several intuitive linking modes, allowing incredibly complex but organic moves with very little effort.

Mac OS 10.8, PT11 or greater
Spancontrol 2.5 requires Spanner 2.5 or greater (and vice versa).
Instances with 7.0.2 or 7.1.2 input channels are not currently supported on Spancontrol.

Watch the Spanner 3.0 demo on Youtube

Download Spanner and Spancontrol
User manual

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