Exporting Conform and Summaries

Conformalizer can export the list currently in the 'change' panel in a variety of forms and formats:

Export Conform - Exports the contents of the "change list" in it's current framerate for later use. If movies are loaded at the time of export, the file will contain links to them so that anyone else opening the .conform at a later time will automatically have the movies loaded.

Export Conform List Translated To - Exports the contents of the 'change list' in a different framerate. Rounding errors of up to half a frame will be incurred with timecode values near the end of a whole second.

Export Old-Skool Change EDL - Exports the contents of the 'change list' in the old Conformalizer v2 format.

Export Timecode Change Note - Exports the contents of the "change list" as a "relative" change note using "delete" and "insert" commands only. these lists describe changes which will "ripple" all later events by the amount of change. These are similar to change notes produced by various picture editing applications except that with Conformalizer there are certain limitations. Conformalizer change notes cannot be produced for change lists which describe reordered shots or overlapping events - these events must be deleted or modified before creating this type of exported list.

Export Feet+Frames Change Note - as above but converted to feet + frames values. keep in mind that F+F ignores hour code values and hence reel rebalancing is not possible. F+F notes are always in 24fps and hence will require translation from other framerates, potentially incurring rounding errors of up to half a frame.

Export Euphonix Change Note - Exports the contents of the 'change list' as a Euphonix System 5 compatible conform note. these .cfm files can be imported into the eMix conform page and applied to mix automation. The relative change note uses only "insert" and "delete" commands and as with the other relative change notes this one will not allow reordered, reused or overlapping shots.

Export Euphonix Change EDL - As above but converted to a 'Change EDL' format which will cause the eMix application to perform exactly the events in the Conformalizer "change" list. Usually, you would nudge the 'new' (paste) timecode UP one hour so that the newly conformed automation does not affect the sync of the old automation. You would then delete exactly 1 hour of the old automation in order to bring the new data back to the correct start time.

Export Euphonix Rebalance EDL - As above but in this format, the conform events assume that you are assembling a new reel from a set of previously saved conform buffer files. Each event uses a "paste from file" command, specifying a file by the name of the hour code of the reel. For each source reel you must run a "copy to file" conform event and name the file with the number (ie. hour value) of the reel. Conformalizer also requires that you copy from exactly the start of the hour. With these two requirements met, Conformalizer can pull specific pieces from any reel and assemble into an empty mix at the correct time.

Keep in mind the virgin territory issues which plague the System5. It may be wise to set automation breakpoints for all parameters at the start and end of the reel before conforming.

Email Conform Summary - Switches to Mail.app and creates an email summarising the current change list. It includes lists of deleted, reordered and new material, an exported .conform file and an image representing the block view as a quick overview of the changes.

There is also an option to export the conform file before creating the email, thus allowing you to include a link to the saved conform file. This is a useful shortcut in situations where multiple users are referring to a server based conform library.

Email VFX Summary - Similar to the conform summary but this option lists every event in the change list, assuming that you've collected interesting VFX shots into a single list.