The Difference View

The difference view is a way of visualising the difference between any two frames. In audio terms it's something like phase cancelling the new picture from the old. The output is a dark background wherever the pictures match closely and a bright white outline showing any areas which differ.

The more/less slider is provided as a way of reducing irrelevant differences such as colour grading changes or codec artefacts.

This feature is useful in a number of situations:

Comparing updated VFX shots - With the VFX tracing features enabled, Conformalizer will very quickly lead you to updated shots and the Difference View will make it abundantly clear what has changed. Playing or scrolling through the movies you can see exactly which parts of the shot have been added, removed or resunk, and by exactly how much.

Checking the change list - After comparing EDLs it's always wise to check the results are accurate and this can be greatly simplified by leaving the Difference View open while quickly touching each event. If the change list is accurate the difference view should remain empty. If you see anything drawn in this view (other than a bit of text burn-in) you know to double check the pictures and the EDLs.

Manually creating or editing a change list - When manually matching shots the difference view can save a huge amount of time and almost entirely remove the chance of human error. If the view goes dark you know you're in sync.