The Block View

The Block View allows you to quickly survey the damage caused by picture changes and get an idea of the complexity of a conform.

It shows you two rows of blocks which represent the old and new versions of the picture. Each 'old' block (the top row) represents an area of picture which has been matched to a corresponding 'new' block (the bottom row). As you select an edit in the 'change list' the two related blocks will highlight.

This feature is particularly useful for rebalances and complex shot reordering. You can immediately see where every piece of picture has gone. By using the two 'hour nudge' buttons you can align the blocks from different hour codes to make it easier to compare.

As of Conformalizer v4 it is possible to click on the individual blocks in order to select the relevant even in the list, and have the pictures locate to the start time of the block. Standard Mac OS shortcuts let you select a range of blocks (SHIFT) or select and unselect individual blocks (CMD). It is also possible to control the location of the two picture files by clicking in the block view while holding CTRL.

If you have movie files loaded you will also see a dotted block, representing the range of the movie file loaded, based on it's timecode start time and length.