Well, we used to be known as "maggot software" and in fact we're still officially "maggot media ltd" trading as "The Cargo Cult".
We rebranded the software publishing business but it's the same people and the same great products.

I'm the guy designing these tools and probably the heaviest user of all of them.
I work in feature film sound post and create these tools to fill gaps in my own toolset.
You'll hear my work in films like the Lord of the Rings, District 9, Tintin and the Hobbit: IMDB

Have a look at the philosophy page for an explanation and links to some great reading materials on the subject. Guaranteed to kill a few hours.

Yeah well, I was asleep.
We're based in New Zealand (it's near Austraila) and we get sunlight on a completely different schedule to most countries.
The good news is that we're very responsive when we are awake and make a real point of responding to everyone as quickly as possible.
I'm an end user as well so I know what it's like to be left hanging.

You've probably got a large session and Conformalizer is trying to go too fast. Go to the Setup page and change the "conform speed" setting to something slower.

You're probably running out of available memory.
In Pro Tools 10 or less you have a very low memory limit and fast editing of a large session will quickly find this limit. The result is a crash.
You can try slowing down the conform speed setting in conformalizer but the best fix is to minimise your memory overhead in Pro Tools.

These things will help a lot:
Set UNDOs to a small number (like 4), select an empty video track, deactivate tracks with greedy plugins (like Altiverb), thin all automation before and after conforming.

Conformalizer has a safety guard in place to stop bogus change notes being created when recuts contain complicated moves. Moves inside moves and other complex reordering scenarios require hideously complex logic to describe in a relative change note and we just can't be certain every note will work. So if Conformalizer notices that the recut includes any shot reordering at all it will throw an error and refuse to export the note.

At this point your best option is usually to sort the list alternately between "copy in" and "paste in" and watch the offending event swap places. Once identified you would usually choose the smaller event and delete it, thereby enabling the export. We realise that this is not and ideal workflow but we'll always point out that the recommended workflow does not suffer this limitation. The "absolute" conform is almost always a better approach, especially with more complicated recuts.

Because eCheck is stupid.
It takes something like a full week to clear an eCheck and I really can't do anything about it till it does. If you've sent one you might want to look into cancelling it if that's possible.

We use copy protection from a company called PACE. There's a hardware USB "dongle" (the iLok) and a cloud based management system which allows for lots of flexibility for you and good security for me. It's an industry standard, it's reliable (now) and if you run Pro Tools you already know what I'm talking about.
But, yes - you need to buy one if you don't already have an iLok2.

You missed the "TRY" button just as dozens of other intelligent, technically-minded people have done before you. Run the app/plugin again, keep your eyes peeled for the TRY button and hit it hard to claim your trial period. Really Hard.

Yes. I'm a busy man and if my copy-writing session overlaps with my whisky-drinking session you get crap like this.

  The Cargo Cult. is a boutique audio software design company based in Wellington, New Zealand, developing and distributing the products and designs of Justin Webster.
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