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Conformalizer is an audio post production tool which allows sound editors to automatically conform and rebalance audio data to match a changed picture cut.

It works by comparing picture EDLs, XML, cutlists or change notes and creating a new "change EDL" which reflects the difference between two versions of the picture.

Conformalizer can then automatically conform your Pro Tools sessions, databases and mix automation to match the new version of the cut.


Nothing in your world need ever be out of sync. Conformalizer can reconform Pro Tools sessions, ADR databases, Sound FX lists, spotting notes, console automation and pretty much anything which uses timecode or feet+frames.

Projects of any size can function more smoothly when you know your spotted lists can be kept up to date easily, but on really large, multi-film projects you'd be a masochist not to use Conformalizer's database conform features.

Conformalizer intelligently matches VFX shots as they evolve, so you never lose track of a shot simply because the lighting has changed. Even better, you can see exactly which shots are VFX updates and compare them visually to see for yourself what has changed. There's even a 'difference' window which subtracts one movie from the other, showing very clearly the exact changes in the updated shot.

For those who really can't shake the manual conform habit we've included a basic change-note export feature. We still think the absolute (copy/paste) reconform method is more powerful and far more flexible, and we recommend anyone using the change-note to at least try the new workflow.

There are also still a few 3rd party platforms which require insert/delete change lists so we'll continue to support this format for a while yet.

There are occasionally times when you can't get EDLs or the EDLs you get are broken. Conformalizer now offers a video-only comparison routine, which literally watches the old and new reels and makes up a changes list based on video content alone. As an addition to your existing EDL workflow this is a fantastic help, but in times of great hardship, it can even be used to trace an entire reel.

If you've ever had a scene removed from the cut only to reappear much later you'll appreciate this feature. By selecting a range of shots and setting off a search you can very quickly identify any older reel which contained the scene and even see the duration and number of shots that were matched. With a single button click you can have that EDL loaded up and ready to compare against your current cut - or any other for that matter.

The EDL style reconform is more reliable, more accurate and massively more flexible than the old "change note".

Conformalizer can compare any version of any reel against any other - any time you need it. You can jump versions, rebalance between reels, reinstate old scenes, create cutdowns or trailers, even conform back to older versions.
And it's all non-destructive - always leaving your work in it's original form if you ever need it again.

A carefully hand crafted, perfectly accurate change note for every cut update is what you deserve - but you're not going to get it. And you're definitely not going to get a note for r3v10 to r3v16 at 2am on Sunday morning.

With an EDL accompanying every picture handover you'll always be able to create a change list for any two versions, without making a call to the picture dept. You'll get it when you need it and you'll know it's right.

The Movie Difference window is an incredibly powerful feature and is unique to Conformalizer. It effectively 'phase cancels' the old picture with the new, resulting in a wonderfully clear, obvious display of the difference between them. If a digital creature has slipped 1 frame against the live action you'll know immediately. If an extra bat has been added to the background you won't miss it. You can even choose to ignore subtler changes such as grading or lighting tweaks. In combination with the VFX tracing facilities you have a super powerful and reliable way of managing CGI heavy films.

No EDL is a perfect representation of the movie and the picture department isn't always as consistent as we might like. So occasionally the comparison between old and new cuts misses a shot, or perhaps a shot is replaced in a way that doesn't really affect you. Fear not, Conformalizer offers a whole raft of list editing features, from handle-extending to creating entirely new matches or offsetting timecode by arbitrary amounts. And everything is done with the actual picture files loaded and following in sync.


How-To videos

Check out our youtube channel for some great instructional videos.

The Reasonably Thorough Demonstration is broken into distinct chapters
if you're looking for something specific:
0:00 Intro
0:40 Basic list comparison
1:55 Tweaking the change list
5:55 Conforming sessions
8:21 Tracking VFX updates
9:51 Finding missing scenes
10:54 Conforming databases
12:28 Rebalancing

Music courtesy of Adam Ben Ezra
"Can't Stop Running"

Letter to the Editor

The Letter to the Editor is an explanation for your picture dept.
Send this through to them before you even receive the first picture handover - and if there's any doubt at all, get in touch and we'll sort it all out.

Test project materials

There is a very comprehensive set of test materials available if you'd like to have a play around with Conformalizer, but don't have a real project to use.
The project includes a few versions of a short film demonstrating all the usual reconform situations, from basic trims to VFX updates and re-inserted scenes.

You can download the material from our dropbox folder.

Online user manual

There is no shame in reading a manual.
You'll be shocked how much useful information is in there and you'll probably even have a good time reading it.
The manual for Conformalizer 4 lives here.

Current version: 4.4.x - Changelog
Mac OS 10.7 or greater
User manual

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